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Nov 2014 01

cheapvpsllc- Halloween audience 7 fold 512M memory-year pay $ 24

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Halloween 30% off for life Offer you: halloween14

2014 cheapvpsllc home owner brian on Halloween, when it released apromotions, Halloween 30% off for life Offer you: halloween14, server egihosting care in the home sanjose data centers within the US West Coast, California, home in the past with good results quickly. Server using the CPU, raid10, G port sharing, minimum flow E5-2620 are to 2T. For example, after using a 512M memory VPS Offer only need to pay $ 24.5 years for not toss the webmaster.

512MB VPS (17 Available) – 512MB Memory
1 x E5-2620 Xeon CPU
25GB RAID10 Disk
2TB Transfer
2 Backups Included
Upgrade Instantly          Buy Link

I probe: http: // 8910 / tz.php
download speed: http: //


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