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Jul 2016 05

Independence Day 2016- exabytes domain name provider COM Domain $0.99 Giveaway

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Exabytes Group celebrate International Day of Cooperatives with you, therefore we come out a special gifts to our loyal fans and customers. we understand and support the importance of cooperatives, without it things can get creepy. The power of cooperatives makes things go easy and more meaningful.
Well, we do not just offer wishes, we’re going to offer a really Special “GIVEAWAY” to celebrate the International Day of Cooperatives! 🙂
It’s really worth to focus and grab….

This GIVEAWAY is Limited to 1000 domain names Only!
.COM Domains are UP FOR GRABS for ONLY $0.99 Each! A .COM domain is worth $15.95. Now we’re giving away for $0.99! Don’t miss it!

Please keep it mind, this offer starts on 9 July 2016, on *First-Come, First Served Basis.

Mark your calendar so that you won’t miss out on the RARE CHANCE to GRAB a .COM domain for $0.99 Only!

OR write down the date to GRAB a .COM Domain and put it where you can see it.

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