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Jul 2016 08

CrazyDomains Domain Events Go .LIVE today with 50%OFF

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CrazyDomains, is an Australian domain name, hosting providers, their business name for this approach is relatively similar to some crazy, because we often see some of their domain name registration price is really low, there are many users to lock accounts after registering a domain name even the domain name has been in a state awaiting review, and even user says the domain name is deleted, and so on rumors. VPSUS in their home, there are several domain names, but fairly stable

.LIVE domain name for sites that don’t need rehearsals
.LIVE is the new domain name for sites that bring you as-it-happens updates or streaming video. If you want to share updates with the people that follow you, try doing it with a .LIVE domain extension. Connect your Twitch, Meerkat, or other channel to this new domain extension and make it clear that you always do it live.

.LIVE can also be a way to sell tickets for a special live performance or series of performances. If you have a venue that serves live music or a band that’s going on tour, then .LIVE could be just the ticket for you.

.LIVE is the new top-level domain that’s going to be the home for live broadcasts on the internet.
.LIVE is perfect for musicians, comedians, and circus performers selling tickets.
.LIVE has a lot of domain names still available, so register yours right away!


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