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Nov 2014 01

Halloween 2014 SiteGround Web Hosting 3% discount promotion

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Coupon code: Halloween Special

Time: Year 2014 10 31 – November 2, 2014 (Beijing time at 13:00 on the 31st)

Event Description: Only newly purchased hosts, not for renewals.

The official website:


SiteGround is also a relatively old overseas web hosting provider, there will be a variety of activities each year to launch the virtual host of promotional activities, remember that in 2012, when the New Year seems to have paid $ 10 a virtual host, and later there have been no. Whether it is or is about to start before Labor Day 2014 celebration of Halloween promotions, all virtual hosts are three fold promotions. SiteGround data center in Amsterdam, Chicago, Singapore bypass line three data centers.


Physical distance from the point of view, SiteGround is no room in the US West Coast, so after the test to see if the establishment of Chinese site speed in general, so SiteGround machine more suitable for foreign trade establishment needs of users. SiteGround Hosting a total of three programs. After using this Halloween 3% discount on activities, the annual base pay program just over 30 US dollars.

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