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Nov 2014 01

Halloween Host Offers 2014-JustHost Hosting monthly payment $ 2.5

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Wheat read previous years Halloween Host Offers Promotions is still relatively small, the 2014 Halloween promotions so far few have yet to see. JamesFu Students in the group just mentioned JustHost web hosting provider Halloween activities have already begun, and thus wheat nonstop to share their family’s promotional activities. Although the intensity is not too large, such as the price of the usual three-year program is $ 99, $ 90 this Halloween activities concessions.

Official JustHos website address: www.JustHost.Com

If there is a need to purchase Justhost Web Hosting JH users direct access to the official website, no discount code default has concessions, refer to ” buy JustHost Hosting attached tutorial on how to enjoy the best preferential policies “Tutorial purchase. JH host support any time refund, the current purchase program is more cost effective for three years, a total of $ 90 (three years), an average of $ 30, equivalent to around 180 yuan a year to support PAYPAL and credit card payments, and presented a domain name.



If no additional product we need to check removed, and then see the corresponding programs and prices. Deadline for this event is unknown, should last about a week.

Similarly, his brother host Bluehost mainframe products cheaper on average $ 1 per program / month, BH hosts the original 36 months (3 years) program is the need 6.95 / month, now just 5.95 / month.

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