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Nov 2014 01

October 2014 Certified Hosting Web Hosting half-price concession

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VpsUs-October 2014 Certified Hosting

The annual October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the world , such as Certified HostingWeb Hosting Web Hosting businesses also will launch promotional activities in this month of a year, the wheat is ready just to see if there is an official Halloween promotional activities, regardless of the time of Halloween Are there activities on the first few days remaining to provide half-price discount promotion code information for the World Breast Cancer Awareness Month any virtual host, if necessary, this virtual host friends can choose from.


Currently wheat on hand also holds two Certified Hosting web hosting, or last year’s Black Friday, when to buy, because there is no need for other sites was used to test the performance of this one-year period to build up a site to use, fairly relatively stable. Certified Hosting pay any virtual hosts in the program also presented separate IP.

Certified Hosting divided Dork, Geek, Nerd three programs, the first scenario only one site, the third option presented independent IP, second and third do not limit the number of sites, if necessary, then compare the proposed selection GEEK program.

CH host official business promotion activities address:

If you need to buy CH virtual host, you need to use PINK14 discount code can enjoy 50% discount, you need to note is that if you need a free domain name needs to be purchased under a single host at the time. Once the purchase is completed because the host, free domain name is not like BLUEHOST, JUSTHOST and other virtual host can also ask for registration again.

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