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Nov 2014 01

2014GreencloudVPS: $4.5 month KVM-512MB 10G SSD 2TB Las Vegas

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GreencloudVPS was founded in 2013 foreign VPS service providers, based KVM VPS product architecture, data center comprising a plurality of regions United States, France and the Netherlands. Currently, the host provider posted LET offers, including Las Vegas KVM lifetime 10% discount and a Dutch VPS first month 50% discount, after discount Las Vegas KVM 512 package monthly payment is only $ 4.5.

In Las Vegas KVM512 package, for example, let’s take a look at his configuration and offers.

CPU: 1 cores

Memory: 512MB


Hard disk: 10GB / SSD

Monthly Traffic: 2TB / 1Gbps

Virtual Infrastructure: KVM

IP / panel: 1 / SolusVM :  Order here

Promo Code: LET test IP:

[Link] buy

Let us look at another Dutch KVM768 packages, the package also provides a 50% discount code first month, the first month is only $ 3.5 concessions.

CPU: 1 cores

Memory: 768MB


Hard disk: 15GB / RAID10

Monthly Traffic: 2TB / 10Gbps

Virtual Infrastructure: KVM

IP / panel: 1 / SolusVM   :  Order here

Promo Code: LET50 test IP:

[Link] buy

More than the United States for permanent discount coupon code, discount code Dutch first month only, please pay attention. All VPS can install windows or linux operating systems, including Las Vegas 1Gbps bandwidth, while the Netherlands is more marked for 10Gbps (specifically how much really can hope to buy a share of readers, I guess heavy water).

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