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Nov 2014 04

2014 Halloween Budgetvm 35 dollar annual fee 512VPS 25GB SSD

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VpsUs-budgetvm- Alipay $35/year


and finally I feel budgetvm the XEN more suitable for me, of course, in fact, their home openvz can also be considered, although openvz and I have no special value XEN who, as long as it can be easy to use. . budgetvm I have been very familiar with, came into contact with in 2010, I personally feel that Los Angeles ventilation probability is relatively fast but also a little higher than the other room; Dallas and Chicago are many relatively stable, I am personally in favor of the specific reasons for this is hard to say Dallas clear room in the southeast coast of Miami beach, to tell the truth in relation to domestic and buy a New York room for difference of nothing …

512MB 256MB 25GB SSD 1 CPU 2TB 1 $35/year Buy Now

1G memory (XEN PV, the memory is not super)

100G hard disk (raid10)

4T Traffic / month

2 IPv4

Optional room: Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Miami

Buy Link

Official Website :

budgetvm home four VPS room: 
Los Angeles: http: // 
Miami: http: // 
Dallas: http: //

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