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Nov 2014 05

2014 Halloween promotional vortexunit VPS 512 memory-year pay $ 12

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VpsUS-2014 Halloween vortexunit VPS 512

vortexunit, 2014 VPS founded businesses, completely new goods, the main room of the Dallas VPS and server rental, evidently feeling a bit oneman found that they are running a special promotional version VPS year to pay $ 12, returned to the SSD drive , E3 series of V2 CPU, 1000M bandwidth, I personally think that this stock should still be possible, new shelves hen performance estimates good, like tossing willing to toss can try, test IP to send:

512MB VPS Special 
================= ============= 
RAM: 512MB 
CPU: E3v2 
Storage: 10GB RAID 10 SSD Pure Space 
1TB Bandwidth @ 1Gbit 
1 IPv4 Address Included 
Location: Dallas, TX 
Virtualization: OpenVZ 
Setup: Instant 
Price: $ 12 / year | Order Here

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