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Oct 2014 30

Well-known businessmen of Arvixe-VPS-month pay $ 18 softlayer unlimited data send domain windows

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arvixe, a well-known Web hosting service provider, a history of 11 years, to pay 18 yuan per month, an independent IPv4,2 core CPU, a free domain name (COM / NET / ORG), unlimited traffic,server directly managed SOFTLAYER Dallas Amsterdam room, the world’s top room, network silky.The discount code 10%: VPS10, the following is the minimum VPS configuration, these sameparameters in front of. Do the virtual host, the brand is also good, enough bandwidth, server stability,if the money is not bad, so you can go and

Linux, 1G memory, 20G hard disk
Window, 1.5 memory, 30G hard disk

Data center:

Dallas (American central): HTTP://

Amsterdam (Europe and Holland): HTTP://


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