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Nov 2014 06

2014 next-gen vps hosting

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vps hosting
Our virtual private servers are built from the ground up on cloud technology. Enjoy increased power, flexibility, and control for your websites.

BlueHost joined the VPS service from 2014, estimates that some people still don’t know. This simple said: BlueHost VPS is one of the most popular cloudstack cloud platform building based on the underlying virtual, using the most popular KVM, which ensure the reliability and safety of the stable platform to the maximum extent, while ensuring a single VPS for the entire server effect reduced to the lowest point. You can upgrade or reduce your VPS, according to their resource needs to decide how much you need to buy much waste not. VPS admin panel is used in special version of cPanel, thelargest in Chengdu on the let you convenient operation and processing, can be free to add multiple VPS, buy you need to increase the memory, CPU, IP, flow rate etc..

Some people may ask: BlueHost data center where?

Tell you: large cabinets BlueHost is also rented to others set up, in the state of Utah; specific data center named acedatacenters, this home has 3 rooms respectively in Utah, Losangeles, Ontario.

Note: directly open the may be switched to (and BlueHost nothing to do), the solution: Note: BlueHost official Chinese site description

If we consider the data center selection from the Chinese perspective, I give suggestions are: Losangeles, Utah, Ontario

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