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Nov 2014 08

DDoSDeflect high anti host: only $1.49/5G space independent IP/100GB Clean Traffic

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DDoSDeflect founded in 2013, is a high anti-foreigner selling VPS, lowest anti 10Gbps of DDoS attacks. But today we share not his high anti VPS, but high anti-host ddos-protected-shared-hosting. High anti-host is on the line recently, according to official said, the host can be anti-DDoS attacks from Shared I to Shared V a total of five packages were provided to the 1000G’s 100GB bandwidth clean. The cheapest package Shared I have 5GB of space, as well as independent IP, for only $ 1.49 / month, in the United States Portland room .With the view of where the two packages of configuration information:
I shared:
Dedicated IP Address
Space 5GB HDD
100GB Clean Traffic
99.99% Uptime
$ 1.49
Shared II:
Dedicated IP Address
Space 10GB HDD
150GB Clean Traffic
99.99% uptime
$ 2.99
Click to go to the official website host provider →

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