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Nov 2014 09

virpus-7.5 fold to$5.25 Xen 1G RAM 30gSSD 3T flow Seattle Windows

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VpsUs-virpus-7.5 fold to$5.25

wowrack’s virpus engage VPS promotion, 7.5 fold, lifelong price for Linux at the station [XEN PV] and windows [XEN HVM] vps, only monthly payment. If you buy a 4G (including) six months or more RAM memory than time, then you can get free cPanel or directadmin, interworx authorized .E5-2620V2 the CPU, SSD hard disk (raid10), 1000M port, Seattle room. This house has its own large room, fly! Test IP: download test: http: //

The following two I think good value for money, the rest of the crowd official can:

4-core (E5-2620V2)
Memory: 1G (Xen pv)
hard disk: 30G SSD
flow: 3T
data centers: Seattle
discount code: 25LIFE-112014
monthly payment: $ 5.6 Buy Link

Windows VPS
6-core (E5-2620V2)
60G SSD (raid10)
4T traffic / month
monthly payment $ 15
discount code: 25LIFE-2014 purchase link

Fraud Description :
Do not go to the Registration Agent (IP), it is easy to direct contracting for fraud, the most straightforward way is to: [1] registered mail, paypal accounts for the same mailbox [2] IP to your registration information selected country, telephone number (country code, such as 86) for the same three countries agreed.

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