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Nov 2014 12

Chicagovps- $ 6 4g memory 100g HDD 2T flow 1000M port 6 room

Posted in America, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, LosAngeles, NewJersey, NewYork

VpsUs-chicagovps- $ 6

chicagovps in sent mail which referred to their recent two promotional VPS, a large hard drive is large memory-based virtual openvz, one is based on the KVM virtual; two VPS memory is not small, simple configuration of the above come from look really good, but we know that given the reputation chicagovps day it often looks like the bird, so you can figure! My personal recommendation is that if people want to buy, then you can choose to buy less of the data center, such as the US East Coast and the like. Final say: penny, for a half, only to spend a penny would do my heart Na Yifen goods.

Six data centers: Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, New Jersey, Dallas

OpenVZ – 4GB Promotion
4096M memory
100 G hard disk
2048G flow
1000Mbps port
monthly payment: $ 6 / Month Buy Link

KVM VPS – Promotion 1GB
1024M memory
35 G hard disk
1024G flow
1000Mbps port
1xIPv4 Address
monthly payment: $ 4.50 / month to buy links

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