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Nov 2014 13

ssdnodes- $ 9.95 2g Memory 10gSSD 500g flow 10G port 2 room

Posted in America, Canada, Dallas, Europe

VpsUs-ssdnodes- $ 9.95

ssdnodes, began in 2011 to engage in hosting services, softlayer machine room, relying on the United States softlayer Dallas and Montreal in Canada two data centers, ports of 10G, 100% Uptime SLA – 10Gbps NICs – 200K + Write IOPS! Generally people who buy things ssdnodes case does not discount a few, such as the present, even after the discount price is still not low, VPS Thatcher in performance of the above. If you buy recommendation neatly to what black card, false information like best not to chaos, official contests compare children …

1-core CPU E5-2650v2 [2.60 GHz]
2G memory
0.5T traffic
10Gbps port
monthly payment: $ 9.95 Buy Link

Or two to three times above the following configuration mini allocation of resources, there is a need of their own crowd! Small
Medium Large

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