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Nov 2014 13

2014 justhost service providers to launch VPS hosting services

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VpsUs2014 justhost

justhost, we know that was founded in 2008 in justhost hosting industry in which the pace of development is very fast, and now is certainly astonishing speed we certainly can not do without, because their home is guaranteed quality stuff. justhost home VPS uses a KVM virtual layer to ensure resources are relatively independent, does not affect other people, VPS server as a whole based on openstack cloud platform . justhost vps uses cPanel panel , on this point is worth it, think about how expensive authorize know.

justhost the VPS can enjoy half-price purchase of the first month, we test whether it is worth it to facilitate long-term buy and use, dare to try. justhost refund is guaranteed!

Detailed configuration is shown:



JustHost crowd:

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