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Nov 2014 15

Phase-7: $ 3 month OpenVZ-256MB 10G SSD unlimited Romania

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VpsUs-Phase-7: $ 3 month

Phase-7 registered since 2005, they say in their own LET founded in 2005, hosting provider basedOpenVZ VPS product architecture, data center in Romania, using pure SSD disk, all unlimited data plan, while providing DDoS protection, Year lowest pay $ 11, while the minimum support package on pay $ 3 / month.

We have to pay $ 3 monthly package, for example, take a look at his configuration information.

CPU:1 cores

Memory: 256MB

vSWAP: 512MB


Monthly Traffic: Unlimited / 1Gbps

Virtual Infrastructure: OpenVZ

IP / panel: 1 / SolusVM  Buy Address

Phase-7 hen using Intel E5530 @ 2.40GHz CPU, RAID10 SSD disks offer DDoS protection is said to 20Gbps. Romania VPS6 estimates used much, I’m down in the local telecommunications ping, 300ms is good.

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