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Nov 2014 16

Arminds: $ 1 first month XEN-512MB 50GB unlimited Dallas

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VpsUs-Arminds: $ 1

I have introduced Arminds cheap web hosting information provided in 2011, including PHP and ASP hosting, in fact, this IDC also sell VPS, based on XEN architecture, data center in Dallas . Currently, hosting providers in the first month WHT released a discount code, a 512M memory packages in the first month for only $ (renewals price $ 5) 1.

Let’s take a look at the configuration of this Package.

CPU: 1 cores

Memory: 512MB

HDD: 50 GB / RAID5

Monthly Traffic: Unlimited

Virtual Infrastructure: XEN

IP / panel:             Buy Address

Promo Code: 1USDVPSWHT test IP:

Arminds advertising still played well, such as management services they offer free, free daily automatic backups, as well as a 30-day money-back promise, and so on. However, at present I am not sure what kind of host provider panel, and test IP information (e-mail has been obtained, the timely update, have to say, e-mail reply quickly obtain IP shortly after I received a test IP, has been updated) .

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