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Nov 2014 17

LayerByte-$ 15 year VZ 1 nuclear 128M 15G 500G

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US vps hosting provider LayerByte was founded in 2013 in Canada, the office is located in Calgary, using more common OpenVZ with SolusVM architecture and control panel, the data center is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, at present the city in Asia and domestic The speed is good, let released at 1 year (2) to pay the monthly payment plan, each VPS solutions are with the same memory size vSwap for you to use:


  • Core: 1 core CPU
  • Memory: 128MB
  • HDD: 15GB
  • Flow: 500GB
  • Port: 100Mbps
  • Architecture: OpenVZ
  • Price: $ 15 / year
  • Core: 1 core CPU
  • Memory: 256MB
  • HDD: 30GB
  • Flow: 1TB
  • Port: 100Mbps
  • Architecture: OpenVZ
  • Price: $ 3.95 / month
  • Core: 2-core CPU
  • Memory: 512MB
  • HDD: 50GB
  • Flow: 2TB
  • Port: 100Mbps
  • Architecture: OpenVZ
  • Price: $ 6.95 / month


Layerbyte Networks Inc. utilizes a BGP routed redundant network blend operated under its own Autonomous System Network – AS36598. Today’s network operates with multiple carriers using carrier-grade Cisco and Brocade core routing and switching infrastructure.

Test IP

Server Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Test IPv4:
Test files:



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