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Nov 2014 18

NexHost: $ 5.5 month KVM-1GB 25GB 1TB Los Angeles

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VpsUs-NexHost: $ 5.5

NexHost VPS is a foreign service provider newly established based KVM architecture VPS, data centers inDallas , Seattle and Los Angeles , is also the main host provider DDoS protection, specific protection capability is unknown. Currently, the new host provider on Dallas node Ads in LET, 1GB memory packages Uncensored direct purchase of only $ 5.5 per month.


We take a look at this VPS configuration information.

CPU:4 cores

Memory: 1 GB

HDD: 25 GB

Monthly: 1TB / 1Gbps

Virtual Infrastructure: KVM

IP/Panel:1个/VPS Management


Test IP:


【Buy links】

Estimated hosting providers also used SolusVM, but in the post, he did not specify. In addition, NexHostall packages are offered support windows or linux, and also supports the work order issued to provide their own mount ISO. Webhost Customer Center Order page is relatively simple, although he said there are Los Angeles of the machine, but the background and the current sales page only Seattle Dallas, all there to provide DDoS protection.

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