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Oct 2014 29

directspace-VPS buy 1 get 1 year year server rental hosting buy half months delivery

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directspace, celebrated its Los Angeles room line (self room) from now until October 31 fight ended, all the VPS (whether openvz or KVM) to buy the first year of the second year of delivery; all servers (either rented or hosted) buy half months delivery! The opportunity to show you, the chop hands coming! directspace from 2001 began to enter the IDC industry businesses is estimated that some people have almost forgotten, had $ 2 a month 512M memory VPS some cattle but do not sleep at night waiting for buying and reselling. I personally spent more than a year, on the whole network in good condition, some slow speed of customer service!

CPU: 1 cores

Memory: 512MB

vSWAP: 256MB

Hard disk: 20GB SSD

Monthly: 2TB

1 IP / SolusVM

Official Website: Buy Link

New Portland Data Center Testing:
IP tracing test that:

Currently, SSD disk package adequate inventory, the lowest above paragraph that I share this configuration, the highest there 8G memory and 160G SSD, priced $ 50 / month, hens have RAID10 array. DirectSpace we referred to him as the DS , but also a friend to DataShack Kansas that sell servers referred to as DS , we pay attention to distinguish, the former is sold in Portland , including VPS, dedicated servers, virtual hosts, and so on (our main concern is his VPS); the latter is selling Kansas VPS and server (our main concern is his server),

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