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Nov 2014 19

bigbrainglobal-$4.48 1g memory 50g hard drive 1T flow onAPP

Posted in America, NorthCarolina, Unassigned, Washington D.C.


discount code: selfmanaged50

 bigbrainglobal home on VPS markdowns tall, half a lifetime , the only pity is that two data centers in the US East Coast, and if people can not care about this rushed into them! bigbrainglobal home VPS uses onapp cloud, the underlying virtualization is KVM, the whole of the upper part of the cloud tall, the current promotional price is basically cheaper than someone’s home conventional VPS. bigbrainglobal is a 2012 registered in the United States Virginia formal companies that can buy! Self Managed VM 1

1 vCPUs
50 G hard drive
1 G memory
1 T Flow
100 Mbps open
1 IPV4
Data Center: Washington, DC (East Coast) or North Carolina
discount code: selfmanaged50

NOTE: The above discount it applies to the whole VPS station!

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