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Nov 2014 21

hostus- $ 2.5 1g memory 1gswap 50g hard drive 1T flow Dallas

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VpsUs-hostus- $ 2.5


hostus of OVZ also cut prices a little, whole hard disk to increase a lot, from the cost, it still is it. If you need additional IP 0.5 per dollars! hostus Atlanta and Dallas are currently two rooms, my personal experience in terms of their home in Dallas server might be better than Atlanta, Dallas, after all, the room was less than two months, Atlanta is their original base camp. For openvz, the possibility to say no more than this seemingly small, hostus Atlanta from speaking VPS price and configuration above you obviously know a lot of this super, but the stability of the whole is good, so Tell me, you can figure it out! Forget their home actually have KVM, and do not limit!

OVZ Developer
2-core CPU
1024 M memory
1024 MB vswap
50 G hard drive
1000 G flow
IPv4 2 x
4 x IPv6
monthly payment: $ 3
annual pay: $ 30 to buy links

OVZ Production
4 vCPUs
memory 2048 M
2048 M vswap
100 G hard drive
2000 G flow
IPv4 2 x
4 x IPv6
monthly payment: $ 5
annual pay: $ 48 to buy links

OVZ Massive
4 vCPUs
memory 6144 M
6144 M vswap
150 G hard drive
5000 G
IPv4 3 x
4 x IPv6
paid Season: $ 18 purchase link

OVZ Storage
2 vCPUs
768 M Memory
768 MB vswap
150 G hard drive
three thousand G
2 x IPv4
IPv6 4 x
monthly payment: $ 5
annual pay: $ 48 to buy links

——————— Past Promotions Review ————————- ————

128MB Special [Limited]
a core CPU
128M RAM
10 G hard drive (raid10)
200 G flow
1 x IPv4 (With rDNS) years to pay $ 5 to buy links
256MB Special
1-core CPU
256M RAM
25 G hard drive (raid10)
500 G flow
1 x IPv4 (With rDNS) years to pay $ 7 to buy links
512M OpenVZ
1 core CPU
shared CPU
768M RAM
20G hard drive
2T flow
1x IPv4
$ 15 / year to buy links
1 core CPU
768M RAM
20G hard disk (raid10)
2048G flow
1 x IPv4 $ 13.5 / yearpurchase link
4-core vCPUs
1 G memory  (Season paid 2G)
1 GB SWAP  (Season paid 2G) )
50 GB hard disk (raid10)
1000 G traffic
700mbps ports
1 x IPv4
month to pay $ 4
$ 9 / quarter buying links
4 core vCPUs
3 G memory (Season paid 6G)
3 GB SWAP (Season paid 6G)
150 G hard disk (raid10)
5 000 G traffic
700mbps ports
3 x IPv4
monthly payment $ 7
season pay $ 18purchase link

—————– Dividing line ——————- Special-2G (not limited KVM) 2 nuclear vCPUs 2G memory 20G hard drive (raid10) 100Mbit / s unlimited 200Mbit / s ports 2 x IPV4 IPV6 64 x $ 7 [100M monthly payment is not limited, 200M port] year to pay $ 70 [ years to pay double the traffic , 200Mbit / s is not limited, 400Mbit / s port] buy links

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