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Nov 2014 22

Kazila:$5 month XEN-512MB 10G SSD 500GB Los dallas

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Kazila is a veteran foreign VPS hosting provider, was founded in January 2008 (blog earlier introduced in 2009 as inaccurate description, is hereby corrected), the host provider XEN and KVM infrastructure products, data center in Los Angeles and Dallas, and so on. Currently, Kazila released Dallas room SSD disk series XEN , double the current order are configured, the monthly payment is only $ 5 deposit in the 512M.


We take a look at $ 5 a month after a free upgrade pay package configuration information.

CPU: 2 colors

Memory: 512MB


Monthly Traffic: 500GB / 1Gbps

Virtual Infrastructure: XEN PV

IP / panel: 1 / SolusVM     to buy links

Test IP:

Above the machine set up in Dallas , the host provider has all the hardware and bandwidth, all orders are manually reviewed opened, usually within 15-30 minutes, free e-mail or use VPN, fake phone, etc. may not be opened, it should also be noted. Of course, before you buy with a google translator to read the next TOS, there is a problem to host provider email communication.

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