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Nov 2014 24

Black Friday 2014:turnkeyinternet-audience two fold (VPS virtual host server),and then 10 years to pay off,as low as 20 blade servers

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turnkeyinternet, 2004 founded the IDC, a lot of business, can be considered old brand. Customer feedback is very timely, interested onlookers can lower customer service! Black 5 he their home has been ahead of the open dry up: [1] VPS (SSD dish, G mouth is not limited, the New York room) will be two fold, if annual pay, then again on the basis of two-fold on another 10% [2] virtual Host will be two fold, (you can buy up to 80 C segment IPV4, support IPV6) [3] Reseller web hosting, all five fold [4] server as low as $ 19.99 / month [5] as low as $ 19.99 hosting / month, 1U


Crowd: https: //

Description: turnkeyinternet, only New York room, the room of his home

Some friends said: This thing more rotten, super are more older server hardware, but customer feedback speed is very fast, so in the end is the pit father is still worth buying, you judge for yourself!

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