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Nov 2014 25

SuperiorNetworks: £ 3 month OpenVZ-1GB 50GB unlimited France

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VpsUs-SuperiorNetworks: £ 3

SuperiorNetworks VPS hosting provider is a company registered in the United Kingdom, domain name registration more than a year, but does not mean he did a year of IDC (details unknown), VPS hosting providers offer French products, machines are OVH’s, offer no restrict flow of packages, information on the LEB, is introducing two special packages, including the deposit 1GB monthly payment is only £ 3.

Let’s take a look at this package 1GB memory configuration information.

CPU: 4 colors

Memory: 1024MB

HDD: 50 GB

Monthly Traffic: Unlimited / 200Mbps

Virtual Infrastructure: OpenVZ

IP / panel: 1 / SolusVM

Test IP:

Buy Address:

French VPS domestic access slower, but OVH machines have DDoS protection, capacity can be. SuperiorNetworks hen unknown hardware configuration, port speed 1Gbps, if they need to buy another package, you can try to use discount code LEB2014, half of the six available.

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