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Nov 2014 25

Black Friday 2014:alpharacks-$15 year to pay 512m Memory 1024swap 50g hard drive 2T flow Los Angeles QR room

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alpharacks family room openvz engage in Los Angeles Black 5 Preheat promotion, 1G memory as long as 15 years to pay the knife, the price is still very good, 1000M port, support paypal payment, go GTT, ChinaUnicom (China Unicom), NTT, PCCW, quadranet room , network conditions or very good! Test IP: As you like it or not depends on your own openvz!

Pre-Black Friday Special – OVZ 512MB
Dedicated RAM: 512MB
vswap: 1024MB
HW RAID10 HDD (Storage): 50GB
Premium Bandwidth: 2,000GB (2TB)
CPU Cores: 4 Cores
IPv4 Space: 1 IP
Public Uplink: 1000Mbps
SolusVM Control Panel: Included
Management: Self-Managed
Full Root / SSH Access: Included
Special Price: $ 15 / annually Order Now – Instant Setup!

—————————- Pre-Black Friday Special – OVZ 2GB ————– ————– Dedicated RAM: 2048MB vswap: 4096MB HW RAID10 HDD (Storage): 70GB Premium Bandwidth: 3,000GB (3TB) CPU Cores: 4 Cores IPv4 Space: 1 IP Public Uplink: 1000Mbps SolusVM Control Panel: Included Management: Self-Managed Full Root / SSH Access: Included Special Price: $ 5 / month Order Now – Instant Setup!


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