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Nov 2014 27

Black Friday 2014:Promotions a2hosting-5 fold SSD limited space support SSH

Posted in Hongkong


Promo Code: BFRIDAY

A2hosting, heavy Black Friday is coming! SSD drives Hosting guess you’ve seen, but does not limit the size of the SSD hard disk virtual host you seen it? A2hosting Cock is so explosive, the world’s first! Virtual Host Access 10G ports, server load balancing process less, right? ! For WordPress optimization, support SSH (over the wall specialist ah), cPanel panel, 60 days money back guarantee!

Promo Code: BFRIDAY

Official website:

[1] we try to pay with paypal, credit cards too much insecurity, host nation support Alipay not a few merchants!
[2] Do not hang a registered agent, registered data write Chinese pinyin no problem. Please ensure that agents have to proxy IP address, registration fill in the information inside the phone number + paypal or credit card + countries of the same nationality, or directly ruled maxmind high possibility of fraud.

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