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Nov 2014 27

2014 Black Friday Deals second wave:WebHostingBuzz hosts a discount $ 9.5 year to send domain

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WebHostingBuzz official website: WebHostingBuzz.COM  (Use discount code:BLACKFRIDAYDEAL )

WebHostingBuzz hosts web hosting provider can be considered one of the relatively old overseas suppliers, every major festival activities will be more, last year had the anniversary when there are large events, this year does not seem to see it. But the 2014 Black Friday events also favorable than last year, all virtual hosts, Reseller web hosting solutions all a discount, last year, but is 2 fold. Buzz Power program (without limiting the site plan), but also presented a domain name, the original price for $ 98 / year, and now only $ 9.5, ie the equivalent of paying the money to buy a domain name you can get a free no restriction sites virtual host.

Activity: Activity has started buying it, limit!

Activities: any hosting plan, RESELLER Reseller web hosting solutions, all of a discount, and presented a domain, you need to be registered at the time of purchase along with the host, because then the host will not make the purchase.

Purchase program recommendations: If you need to buy web hosting, because there are 3 WEBHOSTINGBUZZ program, the first two sites Buzz Light limit, wheat considered worthwhile, anyhow met only once a year promotions, cost-effective to buy a little, such as Buzz Power program is not to limit the number of sites, less than $ 10 this year after discount, giving a domain name, just put a cost on the back of the site.

WebHostingBuzz official website: WebHostingBuzz.COM  (Use discount code:BLACKFRIDAYDEAL )

Several questions need to pay attention, because even outside official website BUZZ font library, so loading is very slow, we can replace the HOSTS file or increase network speed Internet with auxiliary tools can also be opened or wait wait. BUZZ products only support PAYPAL and credit card payment

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