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Nov 2014 27

Black Friday Deals 2014 The Third Wave: DreamHost hosts presented a 3 fold domain

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DreamHost official website activity Address: (discount code: cj295)

The annual Black Friday certainly missed DreamHost business promotions, as a veteran of the US web hosting provider should be more understanding of our many owners of this host of features and performance. During Black Friday 2014, and today has seen the introduction of VpsUs 3% discount, only for new users, and will be presented a domain name.DreamHost web hosting only one unlimited plan, does not limit the number of sites and the hard disk, flow size, original price $ 9.95 required / month.

dreamhost has kicked off Black Friday: Open space, unlimited traffic, unlimited databases, unlimited establishment number, send a domain (com / net / org optional), support for SSH (available over the wall), support for open sub-accounts (sub-account can be opened with a friend or sell)! Official website:

DreamHost Web Hosting Black Friday 3% discount

The Black Friday DH host of promotional activities closely for new registered users, and supports only one year payment plan, presented a domain name.

For example, on the map, after wheat tested using the discount code, DH host annual pay is $ 35, not much cheaper than usual?

dreamhost’s room in the US West Coast, Los Angeles, the country is fast, establishment recommended!

Promo Code: holiday295

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