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Nov 2014 27

Black Friday 2014:hostgator-2.5 fold host as low as $1.24 month

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At 0:00 on November 28 (US Central Time, GMT is at 14:00 on November 28) for 24 hours beginning, virtual host 2.5 fold, equivalent to $ 1.24 / month. Crocodile host is considered to be recognized as a stable foreign trade host, pay attention so that I do not know why. This buy time to write the phone number do Freeze, may give you a call to check in!

Official website:

Special note :

[1] If your browser opens www.hostgator.comThe site shows you the Chinese website (this site is not real hostgator, see “details Note: HostGator official Chinese Site Description“) Then you click on the top of the site’s” Switch to Hostgator US » “switch to hostgator (real official, that the English version of the interface)

[1] we try to pay with paypal, credit cards too much insecurity, host nation support Alipay not a few merchants!
[2] Do not hang a registered agent, registered data write Chinese pinyin no problem. Please ensure that agents have to proxy IP address, registration fill in the information inside the phone number + paypal or credit card + countries of the same nationality, or directly ruled maxmind high possibility of fraud.

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