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Dec 2014 03

Black Friday 2014:100tb server-server to send[2×1]256G SSD

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VpsUs-100TPuk2 Group’s 100tb.comHas always been known for large flow, usually the price is really not cheap, of course, a big brand with softlayer plus room costs will not be low. Black Friday  100tb.comFree to send hard drive, buy a server to send two SSD , as follows:

Ember and Flame models server to send two 128G ssd,

Inferno shall send two 256GSSD server hard disk,

Large flow coupled with a high-speed SSD is simply a perfect match for large data throughput class server ah! Speaking in front of the 3 types of servers for the corresponding CPU Xeon E3-1231v3, Single Xeon E3-1271v3, Dual Xeon E5-2620, good, right? The default is for two 1T hard drive …

Optional room location 🙁 UK), London, Salt Lake City (Utah), Dallas, Hong Kong (China), Melbourne (Australia), Paris (France), San Jose (US West Coast), Seattle (US West Coast), Singapore (Asia ), Toronto (Canada), Washington, DC (US East Coast).
NOTE: London and Salt Lake City are self UK2 Group’s flagship room, the other is the world’s top IDC hosted enterprise softlayer (affiliated with IBM).

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