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Dec 2014 10

VPS.NET-$12 Xen 4-core 1G memory 25GSSD G port does not limit

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Good News: tall on vps.netFinally began to push relatively inexpensive VPS, as long as the initial $ 12 either have the following configuration: the underlying virtual XEN-based, four-core, 1G memory, 25GSSD, 1000M is not limited, data centers: London, Salt Lake City, Utah ( Partial US West Coast). Provide speed: http: //

Official website:

Detailed pricing configuration table: default are CPU4 nuclear, 1000M limited traffic, windows need plus $ 7.5, cpanel plus $ 10,

US 12: 1G memory, 25G SSD

US 24: 2G memory, 50Gssd,

US 48: 4G memory, 100G SSD

US 96: 8G memory, 200G SSD

US 192: 16G memory, 400G SSD


Here are two sites I found the same room with the IP segment of the site:

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