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Dec 2014 11

ssdnodes-$5.95 1G memory 10GSSD 500G traffic 10G port Canada

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ssdnodes host side introduced many times, prices have been on a tall, but did not think there will have less than $ 10 a day per month, we are interested can look at, but looks like chaos to you basically have no chance of . CPU load every time one can not achieve more than two hours, does not allow [torrents, VPN (individual permit)], based on openvz, solusvm panel, 10G ports. We look to hold the promotional period, those prices would be higher without these restrictions, the room also has a number of optional!

  • 1x 2.60GHz E5-2650v2
  • 10GB Enterprise SSD
  • OpenVZ + SolusVM Control Panel
  • 500GB Bandwidth @ 10Gbps (shared)
  • Only $ 5.95 / mo! ($ 48 / yr)
  • Get started!

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