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Nov 2014 08

DDoSDeflect high anti host: only $1.49/5G space independent IP/100GB Clean Traffic

Posted in America, Portland, Unassigned

DDoSDeflect founded in 2013, is a high anti-foreigner selling VPS, lowest anti 10Gbps of DDoS attacks. But today we share not his high anti VPS, but high anti-host ddos-protected-shared-hosting. High anti-host is on the line recently, ...

Oct 2014 29

directspace-VPS buy 1 get 1 year year server rental hosting buy half months delivery

Posted in America, Portland, Unassigned

directspace, celebrated its Los Angeles room line (self room) from now until October 31 fight ended, all the VPS (whether openvz or KVM) to buy the first year of the second year of delivery; all servers (either rented or hosted) ...