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Dec 2015 04

Site5: Super Offer, send additional six month virtual hosting service (with Hong Kong, Singapore)

Posted in Asia, Hongkong, Hosting, Singapore

Site5, used before, fairly stable host. There has been no offer, now, virtual host has a discount, is to force, whether to buy Which virtual hosts, regardless of the length of time, the same services are complimentary ...

Dec 2014 03

Black Friday 2014:100tb server-server to send[2×1]256G SSD

Posted in America, Asia, Dallas, Europe, Hongkong, London, San Jose, Seattle, Singapore, Unassigned, Washington D.C.

uk2 Group's 100tb.comHas always been known for large flow, usually the price is really not cheap, of course, a big brand with softlayer plus room costs will not be low. Black Friday  100tb.comFree to send hard drive, buy ...

Nov 2014 27

Black Friday 2014:Promotions a2hosting-5 fold SSD limited space support SSH

Posted in Hongkong

Promo Code: BFRIDAY A2hosting, heavy Black Friday is coming! SSD drives Hosting guess you've seen, but does not limit the size of the SSD hard disk virtual host you seen it? A2hosting Cock is so explosive, the world's first! Virtual Host Access ...

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