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Dec 2014 10

VPS.NET-$12 Xen 4-core 1G memory 25GSSD G port does not limit

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Good News: tall on vps.netFinally began to push relatively inexpensive VPS, as long as the initial $ 12 either have the following configuration: the underlying virtual XEN-based, four-core, 1G memory, 25GSSD, 1000M is not limited, data centers: London, ...

Nov 2014 24

Black Friday 2014;httpzoom-3.48GBP 4g memory 4gswap 50g hard drive 2T flow England

Posted in England, Europe, Phoenix, Unassigned

httpzoom VPS operations from 2012 to date, less favorable, less publicity, as to why this problem can survive moisture to be studied. Black 5 here, httpzoom also staged a discount code, discount code: BF2014, suitable for VPS hit 5.8 ...

Nov 2014 21

ServersNV-$5 KVM 1g memory 55g hard 1.25T flow G Mouth England

Posted in England, Europe

serversnv is a regular registered company (No.09023246), currently the main selling KVM and OVZ of VPS, server room care in the United Kingdom RapidSwitch server configuration: E3-1230 CPU, 32G memory, four SAS plates do RAID10 (Raid Controller ...