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Nov 2014 17

nodevps-$ 6.5 / mo kvm 1 nuclear 1G 50G 4T 100M North

Posted in Europe, Germany, Unassigned, windows

US vps hosting provider nodevps is the first time into the small night sight, using kvm architecture, data center, including Lenoir, North Carolina, United States and Germany, released a total of 2 concessions, are windows and linux ...

Nov 2014 10

2014 Recommended: MegaVZ- annual €8euro in Los Angeles Node

Posted in America, Dusseldorf, Europe, Germany, Lenoir, LosAngeles, Unassigned

but after talking it through he started NanoVZ and MegaVZ on his own with some advice from Anthony. He runs NGINX as a proxy for the NAT’d IP addresses because of his experience with NGINX. Support is ...

Nov 2014 01

nodevps-6.5US kvm windows 1g memory 50g hard drive 4T flow Los Angeles Germany

Posted in America, Germany, Unassigned, windows an established merchant VPS relatively short time, the current two KVM-based VPS cost is very high, for people who like to toss can try it! Server configuration: 8-core i7-3770,32G memory, four 1T hard drive raid10 (HP P410 ...