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Dec 2014 11

miniVPS-$7KVM 2g Memory 30gSSD 500g flow London

Posted in Europe, London, Unassigned

miniVPS trendy specials KVM VPS, English room, SSD hard drive, G port, 4.4 pounds per month, which is almost 7 knife! Feeling from the CPU clock speed run is E3 series, specifically we ask it! VPS include: 10G of FTP backup ...

Dec 2014 10

VPS.NET-$12 Xen 4-core 1G memory 25GSSD G port does not limit

Posted in America, Britain, Dallas, England, Europe, London, Unassigned

Good News: tall on vps.netFinally began to push relatively inexpensive VPS, as long as the initial $ 12 either have the following configuration: the underlying virtual XEN-based, four-core, 1G memory, 25GSSD, 1000M is not limited, data centers: London, ...

Dec 2014 03

Black Friday 2014:100tb server-server to send[2×1]256G SSD

Posted in America, Asia, Dallas, Europe, Hongkong, London, San Jose, Seattle, Singapore, Unassigned, Washington D.C.

uk2 Group's 100tb.comHas always been known for large flow, usually the price is really not cheap, of course, a big brand with softlayer plus room costs will not be low. Black Friday  100tb.comFree to send hard drive, buy ...

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