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Friends want to swap chain, please do link to the site, and then in the comments below, I will deal with as soon as possible. . .

Application VpsUs Hosting Recommended Link
1, the best there is top-level domain, do not accept being blocked Baidu’s domain name, no fixed domain, there are bad pop-ups and links to the content of the website unhealthy;
2, do not accept their own websites over 50 Link’s website to apply.
3 consecutive 5 days link address could not be opened, then cancel the application link. Special circumstances, please notify me in advance station!
4, the site refused to have pornography, gambling, military, state secrets, in violation of Chinese law, and anti-political website for links;
5, more than at any time in violation of the basic conditions, we have the right, without notice Guizhan case Cancel Guizhan link;
6, if I stand in line with the basic requirements Guizhan, please do first link on my station
website positive development, content-rich meaningful!
Special circumstances subject to the above requirements limit! Very characteristics and development potential may be appropriate to relax the requirements!

Site Name:
Link Address:
Site Description:
Please apply as follows:
1. Application Site Name: VpsUs Hosting Recommended ;
2. Application site address: ;
3. Application site Description: VpsUs Hosting Recommended ;
4. Your Contact: facebook: XXXXXX;
Email Address:;

Friends of the chain to the application; below,


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