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Dec 2014 11

ssdnodes-$5.95 1G memory 10GSSD 500G traffic 10G port Canada

Posted in America, Canada, Dallas, Europe, Unassigned

ssdnodes host side introduced many times, prices have been on a tall, but did not think there will have less than $ 10 a day per month, we are interested can look at, but looks like chaos ...

Nov 2014 13

ssdnodes- $ 9.95 2g Memory 10gSSD 500g flow 10G port 2 room

Posted in America, Canada, Dallas, Europe

ssdnodes, began in 2011 to engage in hosting services, softlayer machine room, relying on the United States softlayer Dallas and Montreal in Canada two data centers, ports of 10G, 100% Uptime SLA - 10Gbps NICs - 200K ...