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US VPS Agent

VPS Shopping



Model Monthly payment Ban Nianfu Annual pay
VM512 (512MB / 1GB / 40GB / 1TB / 2IP) Official Price: $ 4
purchasing price: ¥ 28
Official price: $ 22.5
purchasing price: ¥ 147
Official Price: $ 36
purchasing price: ¥ 234


1.VIRPUS occasional concessions specific to the date of preferential conditions prevail;

2. The official price and configuration adjustments, VM1536 pay users in the first half and giving genuine DA panel;

3.VPS payment immediately opened, DA panel VPS within 24 hours after the opening of the acquisition, case of holidays;

4. Attached Experiential Package $ 3.5 / month in need can come here – → Portal

5. Other models require other VIRPUS friends can contact me, all VPS are official original purchasing.

6. buy their own and official configuration look here – → Portal


DS $ 5 / month and pay Please confirm before ¥ 33 yuan to buy whether the goods.

Buy their own and official configuration look here – → Portal

☆ HostRail ☆ has been suspended! Official website unaccounted for.


Model VPS 1#(linux) VPS 2#(linux) VPS 1#(win) VPS 2#(win)
The official price (/ month) $5.95 $9.95 $7.95 $12.95
Purchasing price (/ month) ¥ 38 ¥ 63 ¥ 50 (pause) ¥ 82 (pause)


1.BurstNET no refund policy, please read BurstNET TOS carefully before you buy;

2. As BurstNET official generally sent eight days after the opening of the next billing cycle VPS bill, so please confirm within 10 days after purchase if renewals VPS (* important);

3.BurstNET official terms of service link here – → Portal

The purchase price of their own and official configuration look here – → Portal


Model Configuration Official price Purchasing price Optional room
Box VZ 128MB/256MB/6GB/100GB $ 23.88 / year ¥ 185 Phoenix
Box VZ2 256MB/384MB/10GB/250GB $ 35.88 / year ¥ 260 Germany, Britain, Los Angeles, Phoenix

1.quickweb provide VPS default bandwidth is 10MB, 10MB 100MB upgrade increased the official price $ 7.5;

2. Because quickweb excellent reputation in the country, hot, before buying whether the goods to be confirmed;

3. The purchase price on their own and official configuration look here – → Portal

Other VPS ☆ ☆

VPS Provider 123systems EMSVPS VPSZZ 80VPS
Buy Address Portal Portal Portal Portal
VPS Provider PhotonVPS QuickWeb yardvps Anzu
Buy Address Portal Portal Portal Portal

1. Theoretically PayPal payment and pay for all the support;

2. Other VPS and payment of $ 20 or less (including $ 20) exchange rate of 1: 7, $ 20 more than 1: 6.5 (exchange rate is subject to change, please prevail in the case of the trading day);

3. Ultra-Small PayPal payment, may charge a small fee RMB;

4. Cheap purchasing accepted in principle (such as a small amount of buying, special $ 1 or less than $ 1).

☆☆☆ TOS (Terms of Service) ☆☆☆

First, VpsUs purchasing is built on the basis of friendship, cooperation on trust. However, had to remind you that, VPS use requires a foundation, coupled with the ability level restrictions, can not provide technical support for you, so please your understanding. Of course, in time permitting, I am very happy to discuss the technical issues with you.

1, I (VpsUs) for you to purchase the goods (services) are the goods (services) seller. So trading relationship I (VpsUs) between not, but the agency relationship.

2, VPS need to use a foundation, after the opening requires you to install their own software, some of the products I theoretically provide an environment free generation equipment, does not provide other technical support.

3, you encounter problems when using VPS, please contact their own ticket seller, the seller has a professional customer service team at your service.

4, after purchasing the principle can not be refunded, unless the seller is willing to give me a refund, I received only after the seller will refund back to you.

5, due to the relationship between the seller purchasing information will be sent to you after the panel was over, it also requested the panel after receiving the information and confirmed promptly amend the relevant private information such as passwords.

6, with special attention, stop me because your VPS violate the terms of service caused not responsible.


7, in order to ensure the integrity and independence of your account information, before purchasing you need to provide personal information (including e-mail, address, contact information, etc.).

8, were unable to provide all purchasing trial and cash on delivery, please provide Alipay account receivables initiated by me before I order, I confirm that the formal order after receipt of payment.

9, part of the non-automatic opening of VPS products, coupled with jet lag, all artificial orders may take some time, after carefully ordering.

10, I recommend only a personal opinion, not as a basis to sell to sell, I recommend everything consequences caused, I do not take responsibility.

11, the remaining outstanding issues, referring to parties to the transaction agreements.

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